Appeal to the Human Conscience

Appeal to the Human Conscience
Appeal to the Human Conscience

Appeal to the human conscience
To the permanent members and the interim states of the Security Council.
To the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
To the UN envoy for Yemen
To the Quartet countries
To the Arab League
To the African Union
To the Gulf Cooperation Council

Members of the Yemeni Women pact for peace and security , appealing in the name of humanity, peace, and for the sake of the victims of violence and fighting in all districts of the city of Aden (Southern Yemen), to intervene urgently to save them from the certain death they are pursuing. Not only because of the Violence and fighting, but also due to the lack of all aspects of life like water, electricity , food, shelter , safe streets, and the right to move freely and safely, in order to secure their lives that are under weaponry conflict and live bullets in every where.
We need to remove the bodies from the streets in some districts, whose presence will greatly worsen the situation, with the spread of diseases and epidemics.
This small spot of the land desperately needs your urgent intervention and a solution to put an end to the suffering of its people.
These civilians have not and will not be drawn into violence and hostilities, but are constantly peaceful in the shadow of world’s silence.
The lack of an urgent solution to Aden city is a shame on all international human rights conventions and all peace resolutions

10 /7/2019
Yemeni Women pact for peace and security